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Now releasing his debut album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1,' Fame-ous Barz opens the project with its title track while exclaiming his boundless ambitions alongside a hefty and nostalgic hip-hop beat. The same theme continues in the next hard-hitting track, "Street Runner," where Fame-ous Barz drenches us in his fiery bars alongside the sweltering old-school hip-hop beat. Grooving his way into the next track, "Ridin," Fame-ous Barz shares the utmost tenacity and grit while bringing us into the trials and tribulations of his musical journey. The same goes for the fourth track, "I Know," as Fame-ous Barz goes deep into his inner turmoil of wishing for someone to end up by his side while riding the funky lof-fi-inspired beat. Jumping into the next scorching tune, "The Game Iz Mine," Fame-ous Barz truly stops us dead in our tracks with his poise and power in this track, as he lets us in on his many successes while leaving the haters out to dry. Landing on the album's halfway point, we're met with the sixth track, "No Love," where Fame-ous Barz grooves his way through the smooth-sailing old school beat while expressing his distaste with someone who betrayed his heart and emotions. Moving onward and upward with the next track, "No More Pain," Fame-ous Barz blesses our ears with a beautiful piano melody alongside his expressive bars that let us into the fakes and phonies that he's met along the way of his blossoming career. We adore the old-school vibes of this project, especially within the next track, "Price of Fame," as Fame-ous Barz explains the peaks and valleys of his journey while meeting the wrong people along the way. Soaking our speakers in lust with the next tune, "Fast Life," Fame-ous Barz rides the groovy and sensual bars with the utmost charisma while rapping about his fast-paced life and seeking real ones to settle down with. Getting gritty with the tenth track, "Come Try Me," this song led the way as the album's lead single, landing Fame-ous Barz many fans and lots of anticipation towards the entire album. A dense and sweltering track, Fame-ous Barz truly showcases his vast talent and lyrical ability in this tune. Getting emotional with the next track, "Never Can I Say Good Bye," Fame-ous Barz dedicates this song to someone who's unfortunately passed on. We adore the tender and heartfelt bars in this track as Fame-ous Barz displays a different and more personal side of him. Reaching the last track of the album with "Unstoppable," Fame-ous Barz closes the project with incredible might, confidence, and vigor, letting listeners sit back and fully experience the heart and passion he's placed into this heavy-hitting 12-track album. Get to know the ups and downs of Fame-ous Barz's blossoming career by way of his debut 12-track album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1,' now available on all digital streaming platforms. ” - Victoria

Fame-ous Barz is a multitalented artist from Detroit, Michigan, who constructs sonic mixtures of Hip-Hop and R&B that will immediately win over fans. He is back with the release of another single “No Love” which has shown fans his vulnerable side. The rising rapper and emcee is known best for the real stories and motivation layered within his witty and versatile lyricism. Fame-ous Barz has been working tirelessly for over a year and a half to write, record, and produce his debut album “My Ambitions Life or Death Vol. 1,” and is giving the release of the project the same amount of time and respect. Fame-ous Barz is painstakingly building the anticipation of his album by releasing its songs one at a time – with only three singles having been released at this point. ” - Victoria

Back with his third single from his debut album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1,' Hip-hop artist Fame-ous Barz steers the ship of his powerful creations as he delivers a textured magnetism for all to hear. As he continues to garner attention worldwide, the multifaceted artist from Detroit, Michigan shows no signs of letting up. With each song more captivating than the last, Fame-ous Barz is slowly introducing the world to his highly anticipated album. Delving into a fusion of hard-hitting energy while remaining fully cognizant, Fame-ous Barz provides an enticing environment that touches on both the nostalgic roots of old-school Hip-hop and the poignant R&B tenors. Being his third single introduced to the world, the styles that we have graciously had the pleasure of hearing swarm together and offer something vastly different from the last. Dripping in an alluring swagger that is etched into his being, the self-assured poise that Fame-ous Barz rocks so effortlessly has us hypnotized by the rhyme schemes that he delivers. You just don’t hear the boom-bap pedigrees anymore in today’s day and age. Honing in on the quintessence of being a true emcee, Fame-ous Barz doesn’t hold back as he overflows his authentic truth in the cadences that he swiftly approaches. Clear and present with his vocal delivery, we admire the sweet R&B sounds that reign in the chorus that takes “No Love,” to a new-found facet. Combining his intricate lyricism with the layers of heartfelt tendencies, “No Love,” has us appreciating the value that Fame-ous Barz places into each song that he crafts. Implementing his talents in a versatile manner, we’re looking forward to what we can expect from the next single to be released.” - Victoria

Fame-ous Barz NO Love Now Available on Spotify

Out of Detroit, MI rising independent Hip Hop artist Fame-ous Barz releases his 3rd single titled “No Love“, off his long-awaited debut album “My Ambitions Life Or Death Vol. 1” set to drop June 2021.” - ADMIN

Fame-ous Barz ThE Game IZ Mine

Fame-ous Barz, is making his name hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Elevating his game as an entrepreneur and artist, this enigmatic single simmers at a high temperature as it comes into the year hot. In a zesty soundscape of colossal instrumentation to act as the fortified basis, “The Game IZ Mine,” kicks it up a notch with the vivacious persona of Fame-ous Barz seeping through the heavily influenced lyricism. As the second single off of his debut album, “My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1,” the bar has been set for the overall tone that has listeners gravitating towards the boisterous presence that you feel through the speakers. Tenacious moods are well in the realm of what Fame-ous Barz is capable of as a creative. Exuding his lyrical flair on the spectrum of top emcees, the expressions heard in his tonal distinction sweeps over you almost as seamlessly as his slick cadences. Placing his knack for wordplay on a silver platter of rhyme schemes offered up, Fame-ous Barz consistently stays transparent with his audience as he connects with them through his edgy vitality” - Victoria And Jennifer

Starting the new year with a bang, rising Detroit, Michigan based underground artist Fame-ous Barz releases his 2nd single “The Game Iz Mine” off his debut album “My Ambitions Life Or Death Vol.1”.” - DOOMSTWIN

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As an introductory single, “Come Try Me,” creates a hard-hitting ominous ambiance that has you surging with the type of power and confidence you can only dream of. The gritty atmosphere offers a strong supporting foundation to Fame-ous Barz emcee like delivery and his intense rhyme schemes. The lyricism he offers up remains full of flair as he expresses himself on a personal level with the trials and tribulations he has with others around him.” - Jennifer and Victoria

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